Sunday, October 25, 2015

Guest Room In Black and Orange

Since I already had white bedding for the twin beds at the old house, I decided to keep a neutral color pallet for my guest room, so I could supplement colors to coordinate with holiday decorating.

The room still needs more tweaking, but I wanted to get some pictures up in the appropriate time frame for my orange/black/grey color theme.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cottage Makeover - Exterior


This is the photo from the real estate listing when we bought our house in May.  When we went to look at this house, we got there a few minutes before our realtor, and my husband wanted to to just go ahead and meet her at the next property on our list.  He didn't even want to go inside this house.  The back had a large concrete deck, that was literally falling apart.  After walking through the yard, my husband was at least willing to look inside.  The house was empty (having been a recent rental property) so we did a quick walk through with our realtor, and went to see other properties.


Because the real estate market in Nashville was on fire this summer, all the houses we liked in the on-line listings were already under contract before we could schedule a showing.   We had a contract on our farm, which was about 45 miles away, within 24 hours of the listing going online.  We finally resorted to making a list of houses that had been on the market only a few days, and went to see what was out there that met our list of needs. 

My favorite thing about this house was the location.  Seven miles from my job, five miles from my newly married daughter, and about 2 to 5 miles from some of the most popular shopping and dining in Nashville.  Our last house was 48 miles from my job, so this was a big change!

In the end, this house was one of the best locations, the closest to our jobs, and at the lower end of our price range.  And, after having lots of house and lots of land to care for over many years, we were very reluctant to commit on a large scale again.

We had the entire house painted in Picket Fence, which is a creamy white color in Home Depot's Behr Exterior paint line.   I LOVE the color.  The paint tied together the brick, stone and concrete block materials so the house has a more unified look.  We had the roof replaced, and my husband made the shutters and replaced the light fixtures.  We also had a flagstone sidewalk and landscaping added.

I'll get around to taking pictures of the back soon.  The first thing my husband did when we took possession of the house was have that concrete deck torn out.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Current Color Crush - Green

After buying the jadite color cake stand this summer, I got a hankering for that shade of green.  One Saturday morning I set off to Home Depot to find a similar paint color.  Armed only with a photo of the cake stand on my phone, I began searching through allllll the greenish paint color cards.  I had narrowed my choices down to a few color cards and was standing in a very long line at the paint counter, when I spotted a gallon of "oops" paint with a green smudge on the lid.

So at this point the question running through my mind was "Do I want to take a color that is close to what I'm looking for and check out immediately, or do I want to stand in line for a long time and get a color that may not be exactly what I want when I get it home?". Oh, and the gallon of "Oops" paint was only $9.  Sold.

Now I just have to resist the urge to paint more things green :)

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Monday, October 12, 2015

My Urban Farmgirl Throw

I just wanted to share the plaid throw blanket I bought from Urban Farmgirl at The Market At Chapel Hill earlier this month.  I've been looking for a plaid throw in orange with fall colors since last year. Any that I could find that I liked, were too much for my budget.  I first saw this one in a photo Urban Farmgirl posted on Instagram the morning of the sale.  I was so excited, yet at the same time felt like it would certainly be sold before I could get there.  The sale started at 9 Saturday morning, and we got there at 10:30.  It was the first thing I saw, and the first thing I grabbed when I got to her booth!

My pumpkin pillow was a Zulilly purchase.  The orange pillows are velvet pillow covers from H&M that I used to cover the floral print pillows that came with my sofa.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Halloween In The Dining Room

I was so excited to go to The Market At Chapel Hill last week!  I bought a beautiful fall plaid throw blanket and several other things from Mary of  Urban Farmgirl. I hope to get some photos of my purchases posted soon.

When our farm house sold quickly this summer, we knew we would most likely buy a much smaller house.  The first thing we did when getting ready to move was take the contents of both attics to a storage unit.   All of my holiday decor was stored in the attics, so I knew my decorating this fall was going to be a bit of a challenge, and on a smaller scale.  I bought several new things, but tried to keep my purchases very inexpensive.

 My husband added the trim on the walls as soon as we moved in.  Everything is painted in Sherwin Williams Snowbound.

I'm a big fan of paper placemats.  I have several designs I use year round that I've found at TJ Maxx. I was super excited to find these vintage style Halloween paper placemats in the Zulilly offers.  I love using them with the raven figures, which I did manage to stash in one of the moving boxes to take to the new house.  Pam and I each bought a set of these at Hobby Lobby last year.

This house only has a dining room/area at the end of the living room.  There is no room in the kitchen for a table.  The table and chairs I'm using here was what I used in my kitchen at the farmhouse.

I found the cake stand at TJ Maxx this summer.  I quickly regretted not getting another one in the smaller size at the time.  I went back several days later but they were all gone.

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