Sunday, November 2, 2014

My November Mantle and Sister Shopping

I changed up this mantle November 1st because I had a Halloweenish fall display up.  And, I was anxious to display Mr. Rhino.  Since my porch room walls are almost all brick, I can't just hammer in a nail when I want to hang something.  So I just flipped around one of my fall signs and hung Mr. Rhino on a nail.

I got Mr. Rhino from one of my favorite places to shop.  Pam :)   We often enjoy "sister shopping", trading back and forth things we no longer have a need for as our home decor changes.  She originally got him from Anthropologie.  Lucky me! I also got another great piece from her this weekend, which I will share a bit later.


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  1. Wonderful mantle, girls! Love the look and, for sure, love Mr. Rheno! He is sooooo cute!
    Happy weekend to all of you