Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ball Jar Towel

Pam and I are getting excited about our fall sale.  We are planning to have it the first Friday & Saturday of October in Mount Pleasant, TN, but need to confirm a few details.   Now I just need to find time to make all the things I have on my list!  I started on a few of these towels last weekend.

I played with an aqua blue Ball jar transfer last weekend.  I was pleased that the ink transferred well onto the cotton towel.  I normally work with black ink and wasn't sure how this color would release.  This is ink rubbed directly into the fabric.  It is not an iron-on transfer.

 I also made a few jars of pepper jelly for the first time.  It was quite tasty with some homemade pimento cheese.
I think I will be making all of these things again very soon :)
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Robin,
    How and Pam are having a Fall Sale!!! I really wish I could make it up your way, so I could attend it, but with two shows in October, I don't see how I can. Your towel is super cute!