Monday, June 23, 2014

Pam's New, Old House

Check out this charming, historic house.  As of last Friday, it belongs to Pam!  It is located in Mount Pleasant, TN.  So far I've only seen pictures, but I'm going to pay her a visit this coming weekend.  Love her wreath on that front door.  We each got one of these last month at the Nashville Flea Market.
I've actively followed her and her Mr. through their house hunting, via Realtracs.  It was kind of like watching house hunters on HGTV :)   This house had my vote.  Unfortunately Realtracs pulled the listing before I could share pictures of the inside. But I will have my camera handy when I visit.

I plan to share pictures next week. 
Hey Pam, I plan to sit in the porch swing when I get there, so have me something cold to drink!
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  1. What a lovely blog! Is this your main one? No matter, I'm following both! LOL

  2. Great house! Looks like it will be fun to decorate!

  3. Awsome i know of one just like it

  4. Yeah the guy who built the ranch was a miracle man he was very gifted