Thursday, June 5, 2014

Painted Mason Jars

I finally decided to try my hand at painting mason jars.  I also just noticed that everything on my mantle was either made by me and/or purchased at a flea market or yard sale.

I painted the outside so that I can use them to hold flowers.  I've seen some painted on the inside.

I just used one of those sponge on a stick applicators and brushed on some oops latex paint I had on hand.  It took 2 coats.  Then I sprayed on some matte polyurethane.  And the jar turned yellow.  So I painted them again with some grey sample paint I had.  This time when the paint was dry, I sprayed on a very light coat of the polyurethane.

I also tried distressing them a bit, but wasn't crazy about the clear glass showing. 

 I painted the half gallon jar with oil rubbed bronze spray paint last fall.  I'm thinking the chalk paint may be good to try on these next time.  I will definitely try my hand at making some more.
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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