Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Little Farm

I thought I would share some pictures from around the farm.  The eggs are from our chickens.  Chickens that I raised from little fluff balls until they were hardy little chickens - in our laundry room  (which is one of many reasons my laundry room needs the drastic makeover we are beginning). 

This is Lulu.  We have 2 female cows this year, which is a first.  We've always had bulls before.

This is Lila.  I love her little "bow" holding up her tuft of hair.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful farm and thee is nothing better than fresh eggs for breakfast. Your cows are very pretty, are they pretty tame? When we lived on the farm I always made pets out of everything. Then when it was time to take them to market I cried. I would not be a good farmer, unless I could keep everything as a pet.
    Happy Summer.

    1. Hi Mary. These girls are still a bit jumpy. We've had them a few months. I had a cow a couple of years ago that would drink from the water hose while I held it to his mouth.

  2. Those images are beautiful in black and white. I love cow faces!

  3. Thanks Stacey! I still want to find time to get some much better shots of them.

  4. I love all the shades of your eggs. Beautiful picture!