Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fitting A Pillow Top Mattress

Recently a friend in my office at work shared some extremely helpful information with me, so I wanted to pass it along.  I have a king size pillow top mattress that doesn't take a regular king size comforter or quilt.  I've bought several different ones in stores, and online, only to return them all because they didn't cover the sides of my mattress.  I suppose one limiting factor may have been my budget.  I wanted to keep the cost around $100.
My friend at work told me about a brand of quilts at Stein Mart that are big enough for the pillow top mattresses.  She had purchased the Middleton brand in a king size for $30 that fit her bed.  Wow, that almost sounded too good to be true!  I rushed to Stein Mart and bought one for myself.  It fit great.  However, I wasn't happy with the cream color I had chosen, which led into the whole "what should I do about the dust ruffle, shams and pillow" dilemma.  So last Friday I returned to Stein Mart to re-evaluate my color choices.  As I approached the store I noticed a bin of half price bedding on the sidewalk.  I tried not to get too excited because I knew it would probably be too small for my bed.  I was thrilled when I saw that the dimensions were the same as the Middleton brand.   This one is Willow brand and is 106 x 92 inches.  And, this quilt was marked down to $30!  The shams were standard size, but I figured at $10 each I could work with that.  As I was dragging all this through the store, a nice lady working there told me she had the bolster pillow marked down, but they wouldn't fit in the bin outside.  So, for $8 it came home with me too.  I love this pattern in my grey room.  And the nose of my sweet little cow peeking in from the bathroom is the same color of pink :) 
I'm still debating the bed skirt matter, and may start shopping around for something a little whiter, or even grey.  But overall I was really happy with everything I found at Stein Mart, and plan to start checking in there more often when I need something for the house.  So if you have a pillow top mattress that requires an extra wide quilt, and you have a Stein Mart in your area, you may want to check them out.

 I love the vintage grey ticking pattern on the reverse side.
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  1. What a good deal for you and I like those colors and the cow peeking though to the bedroom