Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Flowers and The Breakfast Area

I love keeping a vintage blue mason jar of beautiful spring flowers on my kitchen table.  My favorite this year are the bright pink carnations, in the picture above.  I love the look and the smell.  The fragrance brings back childhood memories of going to the florist to pick up our carnation corsages for piano recitals when Pam and I were young. 
I usually just run in the grocery store to grab a small bunch of flowers, and often the selection is sparse.  But I was happy to find the multi tones of pinks in this bunch.
These hydrangeas were beautiful.  Unfortunately most of the petals were laying on the kitchen table the morning after I brought them home.
Although we have a little farm in the country, growing flowers just hasn't worked that well for me.  I do fine with tomatoes and peppers, but not flowers.  How I would love to be able to walk out my door and pick beautiful fresh flowers!

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  1. I just adore carnations, they smell so wonderful and last forever! Hydrangeas are so pretty and I love them dried but it's sad that they don't last very long. Lovely photos.

  2. How pretty! You can't go wrong with carnations in a blue jar. I have the same jar and I hardly ever put it away. You know I used to think that what I put in my jar had to be the perfect flower. Now I mix up fern fronds, knock out roses, lantana, and other simple things from the yard. You'd be surprised how pretty they are.

  3. Oh my gosh! What a pretty blog! I just happened to find you and I'm a new follower. Your home is gorgeous! I love your wall colors, your decor style and such pretty photos! I can't wait to look around at older posts. So inspiring!

  4. Can you tell me where you got your It's All Good sign? Thank you

    1. It came from either Marshall's or TJ Maxx. I'm pretty sure it was Marshalls :)