Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fall Farm Kitchen

I've gradually been making a few changes to the kitchen since the last pictures I posted.  I've added a few things to the walls, and painted the table and island in a white matched to the Annie Sloan Old White.  It is a close match to the color of the Ballard Design Parson Chairs.


I added a few fall touches, but will be adding some Halloween things soon.

I've enjoyed the cafe rod we put up earlier this summer.  I did have some French ticking style dish towels clipped up for curtains.  For the fall color scheme, I made these with some toile scraps and iron on stitch tape. 

  I love my pumpkin pie plate.  Pam gave this to me for my birthday many years ago,


Thanks for stopping by!  I'm looking forward to visiting everyone's blogs to see your fall decorating :)

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Prepping Plastic Pumpkins

Well, I've had August 30th marked on my calendar for a while now.  That used to be my official "start" date for fall decorating.  But  I wanted to try some new projects this year and change things up, and I certainly couldn't accomplish all that in one weekend  (I like to have most of my decorating done by the first of September so I can enjoy it as long as possible).  So I gave myself permission to start early :) 

I want to use greys and whites in some rooms. I knew it was going to be difficult to find something ready to go in my price range  (cheap :).  My goal was to find some inexpensive faux pumpkins and paint them.  I finally found something I liked at Old Time Pottery.  The small pumpkins were .99 and the large pumpkin was $5.99.  The small ones really aren't that small.  Think jumbo tomato.
I painted them in a self priming paint from Lowes in a color to match the Annie Sloan Old White, and some in a grey pre-mixed Valspar sample also from Lowes.  For the plastic stems, I painted grey, and finished off with some Annie Sloan dark wax when the paint was dry.


                              Before                                                                            After


Happy Fall decorating everyone!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

H & M's Home Line

Stop the presses.  Shut the front door.  Hold the phone!  H & M has a new line of home goods that are available online at  My daughter discovered this and informed me on Saturday.  Once I saw a few of the items, I couldn't place an order fast enough.  As a matter of fact, I placed an order again today.   I also noticed today that if you use the link on the main page to sign up for emails, you immediately get an email with a code for free shipping.   This on-line shopping just became available to customers in the United States on August 1st.  Also, the prices are very affordable! 

In case anyone else wasn't aware of their new line, I didn't want anyone to miss out on some fabulous shopping!   I almost forgot to tell Pam about it.  She also placed an order today :)

The funny thing is, I thought H&M already had a home goods line.  My daughter paid several visits to H&M while she was in France this summer.  I requested she pick up something home related for me while she was there, but she assured me they did not have home items.  Well, I am so glad that all changed this month!  Thank you H&M!