Saturday, March 2, 2013

Farmhouse Bath

Whew!  After weeks and weeks, my baths are finally finished.  In 3 bathrooms we had the old tile floors torn out, re-tiled and the walls painted. In this bath, we also had the old shower torn out and re-tiled.  Everything is contingent on something else, and the whole process was quite time consuming.  These pictures are of our master bath.  When we picked out these house plans about 6 years ago, I wanted to recreate an old farmhouse.  The claw foot tub is from the 1930s.  We bought 2 of these and had them refinished.  When picking out the faucets, I tried to stay as true to the time period as possible.

Pam surprised me with the cow painting last week.  I just happened to have a yard sale frame that worked perfect with it.  I thought it was perfect for a farmhouse bathroom.

The walls were painted with Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige.  We switched out the old white faux wood blind.  I had been dreaming of a chandelier over this tub for a long time, but when it was time to shop for one, I just couldn't find one that I loved.   We found this mercury glass fixture at Home Depot last weekend.
There are still plenty of bare walls in here.  After getting all the old nails holes patched and freshly painted, I wanted to make sure I put up things that I would be happy with for quite a while.  I'm still on the hunt for the right things.



One big thing still on our to-do list is getting a glass shower door installed :) 

Hopefully my projects will start moving along more quickly now.  I'm hosting a reception for Pam and her soon-to-be husband in May, after they are married.   I've certainly got some work cut out for me between now and then!
Thanks so much fort stopping by!
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