Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Book And Its Cover - French Love Poems

I just wanted to share a quick and easy book makeover.  I picked French love poems and authors in the spirit of Valentine's Day.  I just took some old hard back books and painted the covers with acrylic craft paints I had on hand.  After they were completely dry, I used a white paint pen and a black sharpie to write a French love poem on the cover of one book, and French Love Poem Titles or authors on the spine of the books.  I used chalk to sketch out the writing on the spines.  After the writing is dry, just wipe away any chalk still showing.  For the poem on the front of the book, I just used a note pad to guide each line as wrote.


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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bargain Alert - Crystal Beverage Dispenser

I just wanted to let everyone know about a bargain I found at Sam's Club yesterday, in case someone is interested in finding one  of their own.  These would also make an awesome gift.  This is a Godinger Crystal Beverage dispenser.  It is very heavy and nice quality.  These were selling for $50 before Christmas.  Yesterday I found this one at Sam's Club in Murfreesboro,  TN for $19.81!  There were quite a few left.  I don't know how markdowns work among the different locations.  But I thought it was worth mentioning in case someone wanted to check a location near them and needed one too.  I was drooling over this a few months ago, but couldn't justify the need for one.  However, since my sister Pam has gotten engaged and will be married very soon, I am going to use this for her wedding reception! 
I have one project I hope to get photographed and posted this weekend.  I still have 3 bathrooms in the middle of remodeling!  I have tubs and sinks setting in the middle of bedrooms :(  Hopefully some of this will be completed soon so I can share. 

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Painting Disaster And Plan "B"

The four side chairs in the dining room have been on my "to paint" list for some time.  They were the only pieces of furniture in the room that were still the original shiny wood finish.  I've also been wanting to try milk paint.  I've been looking around blog land at everyone's techniques.  I like the idea of a distressed finished, so I ordered milk paint but didn't order the bonding agent.  Big mistake #1.  Then I came home Friday night after a long week, and proceeded to tackle this project.  Big mistake #2.   I debated on if I should rough up the chairs first with sandpaper, but opted out.  Big mistake #3.  Luckily I only started on one chair.  That baby peeled like a bad sunburn.  I tried wiping some off, and sanding, then repainting.  It just went from bad to worse, making a huge mess along the way.  I finally just decided to go with "Plan B".  I cleaned everything up and stuck the chair aside with plans to get some black paint at Lowe's. 

Since we had a "Tennessee Blizzard" early Saturday, I insisted on driving my 19 year old son to work.  And he insisted on being dropped off at the end of his building :)  But not wanting to leave this undone chair mess hanging over my head, I went on to Lowe's.  Once inside, I couldn't decide if I should get the satin finish or the flat finish. The smart thing would have been to get one of each.  It was only a quart size of premixed generic black.   Actually, the best thing would have been to pick a shade of black and have a quart mixed.  Clearly I'm not making the best choices lately.  So in that tradition, I went with the satin finish.

I came home and immediately started painting chairs.  Naturally I thought they looked a bit too shiny.  But since this paint took so darn long to dry (as in hours) I kept hoping it would lose some of the sheen.  By the end of the  day, I was just wishing for a good can of chalk paint.  However, I had some of this awesome grain sack fabric that I ordered from Décor Steals.  I wanted to implement all I had planned for this room over the weekend.  I also got the houndstooth rug a couple of weeks ago, and was anxious to see how everything looked together.

I experienced a bit of buyer's remorse on this fabric.  Only because I didn't order more!  I love this stuff but only got 2 yards! 

I'm still not completely sold on the black and white combo for the table and chairs.  I'm definitely going to put on another coat of paint either in flat black or maybe chalk paint on the side chairs.  I'm temped to paint the whole set black, but I'm afraid it may be too dark for the room.  Would you go all black, or leave the black and white? 

I can live with it as it is for now.  I just wanted to see how all the patterns were going to come together.

I drug out my old ammo box lid that I had stenciled on and put it back on the buffet.  To brighten things up a bit, I added this fake grass I found at Dollar General. 

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