Sunday, December 8, 2013

Make A No-Sew Tree Skirt

Last year I just wrapped some burlap fabric around the bottom of my kitchen tree.  This year I decided to make a quick new-sew skirt.  I have some pictures of my project below, but thought I would use this opportunity to throw in some pictures of my kitchen :)

This year I just didn't have the drive to do anything fancy or elaborate.  I tried to use what I had on hand when possible.

I used the idea from this great blogger for the tart ornaments.  I don't have a letter stamp kit, so I just used rubber stamps and an ink pad.

This was my latest find from TJ Maxx.   I couldn't pass up this frame.

 Now for making the tree skirt.  I first measured my tree from the stand, to see how far out I wanted the skirt to come on the floor.  I made mine 22 inches, to allow for the hem.

I folded my fabric in half, horizontally.  I then found the center of the fold, and started marking my fabric at 22 inch intervals, in a circular pattern.  There are better ways to do this I'm sure, but I just used pieces of painters tape and moved my yardstick around.


When you've marked you half circle on the fold, cut it out.  You should have something that somewhat resembles a circle.  

 Since my fabric was a scene, I cut my slit on the side that will be upside down, for the back side of the tree.  I just measured 22 inches from the edge to center for my cut.

 Next you want to use some iron-on binding tape.  One brand of this is called Stitch Witchery.  I usually get mine at Hobby Lobby.  That is also where I got the stick on Velcro sets.

Fold the edge of each slit cut over the bonding tape, and iron on according to the package directions.  I just set my iron to the appropriate heat setting for the fabric I'm using.

After the edges, I repeated this all around circle edges.

Then, stick on your Velcro pieces, one half of the set on the top side of the fabric, and the other piece underneath.  My package instructions stated to let them set for 24 hours to get the best adherence on the fabric.  I used four "sets" to fasten my skirt.


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  1. Very cute idea and very pretty. I'm going to have to try and make one for my tree.


  2. So pretty! Great tutorial! Merry Christmas!

  3. Very creative and looks beautiful under your tree!

  4. First I like your tree skirt. I haven't seen one like it. Second, why is it that a lot of us don't feel like 'decking the halls' so much this year? Merry Christmas Paula

    1. I could have used more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe I'm just getting slower :) Merry Christmas Paula!

  5. Your black and white tree skirt is lovely, and I like the zig-zag on there. The glass jar with the trees, pine cones, and snow is so pretty for Christmas.

    Enjoy the season!