Friday, December 20, 2013

All About Chairs - One Kings Lane

We were recently contacted by One Kings Lane and asked to try out their Home Decor Resource Guide.   I've purchased from them before, but had no idea about this resource.  There is lots of information about styles and the design history of furniture.  You can check it out at

When picking one of my chairs to feature in this post, I was hesitant to pick a newer chair.  I felt like an older chair would fit the "history" part.  However, this huge chair and ottoman in my family room was a bit like an elephant.  It definitely makes a statement just because of its size.

At first I thought it was more mid-century modern.  The shape and feet of it reminds me of the Sawyer Chair in the Highland Heritage collection at One Kings Lane

After visiting the home resource guide, I learned that nail head trim was used a lot in the Louis XIII and XIV periods.   The use of nail heads eliminated the need for loose seat cushions and opened up creative options for furniture design. 

I bought this chair from a local furniture store last year.  I chose it because of its comfortable design, in order to balance out the less plush (but pretty) sofa in the room.

 It's a great spot to prop up your feet, read a book or have a cup of coffee.

Also, did you know that the idea of creating unified suites of furniture was a completely French innovation?  This was news to me :) I have some yard sale pieces I now want to research to find more about their age.

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