Sunday, November 17, 2013

Amy Howard Dust Of Ages and One Step Paint

While at the City Farmhouse Barn Sale last month, I bought some Amy Howard One Step Paint in black, and Dust of Ages from LuLu

The Dust of Ages Powder is applied on top of a wax coat, before buffing.  It softens and ages the appearance of the paint. I used the light color, which is kinda silver/grey/white.

This is the black with the Dust of Ages Powder.

 This drum table is painted with the Amy Howard One Step paint in black, without wax or the Dust of Ages.  

 Dresser with wax and Dust of Ages Powder.

This is the second color of Amy Howard One Step Paint I have purchased and used.  I personally haven't found any notable difference in the coverage, between the Amy Howard One Step Paint and the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  The color selection is different, but similar.  Annie Sloan has a graphite color instead of black, which I would like to try.  Unfortunately I live about 45 minutes from a retailer of either paint line.  I usually just go with whichever paint retailer is most convenient at the time I need paint.  I do like that the Amy Howard paint is $10 less per quart than the Annie Sloan.

Has anyone else used both paints?  I'd love to hear any tips or difference you've noticed.  :)

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