Monday, August 12, 2013

H & M's Home Line

Stop the presses.  Shut the front door.  Hold the phone!  H & M has a new line of home goods that are available online at  My daughter discovered this and informed me on Saturday.  Once I saw a few of the items, I couldn't place an order fast enough.  As a matter of fact, I placed an order again today.   I also noticed today that if you use the link on the main page to sign up for emails, you immediately get an email with a code for free shipping.   This on-line shopping just became available to customers in the United States on August 1st.  Also, the prices are very affordable! 

In case anyone else wasn't aware of their new line, I didn't want anyone to miss out on some fabulous shopping!   I almost forgot to tell Pam about it.  She also placed an order today :)

The funny thing is, I thought H&M already had a home goods line.  My daughter paid several visits to H&M while she was in France this summer.  I requested she pick up something home related for me while she was there, but she assured me they did not have home items.  Well, I am so glad that all changed this month!  Thank you H&M!



  1. Thanks so much for the info...heading right over to check it out.


  2. Yahoo' Im weak and ordered 18 items! It's like Christmas in August!!!

  3. This idea is amazing. i had to make one as soon as i saw it. thank you for posting such a unique idea. ours turned out beautifully!!!!!!