Friday, July 5, 2013

My Heart Is In France

I thought I would pop in and share a few French pictures.  After preparing for and hosting a big get together for Pam and her new husband, then moving my daughter home from college for the summer, and preparing for her big adventure - well, blogging just hasn't been on my mind.  And then my sewing machine died, so that put a halt to some of my projects.  And, at the moment my heart is in France.   It went with my first born.  My daughter  went to Paris one week ago.  After a few crazy days of sight seeing and a little shopping, she went to a small town a few hours outside of Paris to study at a University. For a whole month.  Unfortunately/Fortunately, I'm one of those moms.  My husband calls me a helicopter mom.  Even though she is 20 years old, I still fret over every little detail and moment. 
These are some pictures she sent me from her phone.  The picture above is her bedroom.  I love that it looks like I would have imagined a French bedroom.  Look at the knotted curtain panel - love it.  And the canvas wardrobe in the corner.  Of course white! Lots of white.
I think it is so cool that house keys like this are still used in France.

The picture below was taken at 9:40 PM, with it raining outside. I was surprised to learn that it doesn't get dark until after 10 PM in France in the summer.

I enjoyed seeing "real" pictures of a real French home.  I have never been to Europe, so I've only known what I see in magazines and on blogs.
I have actually completed a few projects around the house that I haven't shared, and have some more on my to-do list.   If the rain ever stops around here, I will break out my camera :)  Thanks for stopping by! 

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