Saturday, July 13, 2013

Amy Howard One Step Paint

Today Pam and I had a little sister time and met for breakfast in Franklin, followed by a little browsing among the stores on the square.  While in one store, I noticed a line of paint that seemed very similar to the Annie Sloan chalk paint.  It was the part about it being "one step" and suitable for any surface that got my attention.  Well, that and the fact that it was $28 per quart (instead of $38 per quart for the ASCP).  I was anxious to give it a try.  I bought the "Cartouche Green".

The paint was a bit on the thin side even after stirring well.  However, it covered very, very well.  I was surprised how well it went on.  There is also a large color selection for this line of paint.

This is a piece I got at a yard sale for $20 about a year ago.  When I brought it home, I had no specific plans for it.  I just played around and brushed on quite a bit of the Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  Today when buying the paint, we met some fellow shoppers that were asking us about our experience with the Annie Sloan paint and waxes.   My experience with the dark wax is that a little goes a long way.

Although no priming or sanding was required, the can did state to clean any waxy surface with a degreaser.   This piece was heavily waxed.  I just wiped it down with a wet cloth and a little Citrasolv degreaser.  This is after one coat of paint.  This also dries very quickly, with a flat finish like the chalk paint.

This is after 2 coats.  I just played around with the knobs and used a chalk marker to number them.  I will probably get some dressier knobs later, possibly glass.

This is how it really looks, with the television and dvd player on it.

 I put a light coat of clear wax on top, just for a little extra protection.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

My Heart Is In France

I thought I would pop in and share a few French pictures.  After preparing for and hosting a big get together for Pam and her new husband, then moving my daughter home from college for the summer, and preparing for her big adventure - well, blogging just hasn't been on my mind.  And then my sewing machine died, so that put a halt to some of my projects.  And, at the moment my heart is in France.   It went with my first born.  My daughter  went to Paris one week ago.  After a few crazy days of sight seeing and a little shopping, she went to a small town a few hours outside of Paris to study at a University. For a whole month.  Unfortunately/Fortunately, I'm one of those moms.  My husband calls me a helicopter mom.  Even though she is 20 years old, I still fret over every little detail and moment. 
These are some pictures she sent me from her phone.  The picture above is her bedroom.  I love that it looks like I would have imagined a French bedroom.  Look at the knotted curtain panel - love it.  And the canvas wardrobe in the corner.  Of course white! Lots of white.
I think it is so cool that house keys like this are still used in France.

The picture below was taken at 9:40 PM, with it raining outside. I was surprised to learn that it doesn't get dark until after 10 PM in France in the summer.

I enjoyed seeing "real" pictures of a real French home.  I have never been to Europe, so I've only known what I see in magazines and on blogs.
I have actually completed a few projects around the house that I haven't shared, and have some more on my to-do list.   If the rain ever stops around here, I will break out my camera :)  Thanks for stopping by!