Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sudden Inspiration

The main reason I started reading blogs and blogging was inspiration.  I love seeing what others do to make their homes special.  Sometimes there can be something in or about a blogger's pictures that reminds me of something I have, or sets in motion a plan in my head.  Pam and I share what we do in the event there is anything that may inspire or benefit someone in any way.  I was browsing blogs on Friday and saw something that reminded me of this chair we had in the barn and gave me the idea to use it in my guest room. It was originally part of a mismatched set we bought to sell at the Nashville Flea Market.  I think we sold all but this one. Pam took it home to use and put her spin on it (paint and burlap).  She tends to rotate through her home furnishings a little faster than I do :)  so, she brought it back out when we had a yard sale last fall.  I am so glad no one bought it!
When I stopped by my barn this morning to grab the chair, I was thrilled to see this vintage clothes hanger, and thought it went perfectly with the chair.  This afternoon I carried them upstairs to the guest room, and things just fell into place.  I already had the antique mirror hanging on the wall. I wanted to take advantage of the afternoon light coming through the windows so I started taking pictures, just using what was around me for props.  After I finished and went downstairs, I saw this hat that my mother-in-law gave me last year.  I love this hat!  It was in my bedroom waiting for me to find just the right spot for it.  Naturally I ran back upstairs and took more pictures :)

Just a note about my guest room.  I painted it white last year, but never got around to putting it back together.  Since I am hosting Pam's wedding reception in a few weeks, I need to get started!  This new little arrangement may be just the motivation to get me moving. 

I love the age spots on the mirror.  Even if you can see the AC vent in it :)

This is an old pickle jar I bought at a yard sale years ago.  I recently filled it with French lavender.

I took a glass drawer knob I had, replaced the screw with a nail, and used it on the wall.  The hanger has "Sears" on it.  
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!

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