Monday, April 29, 2013

Pickled Bead Board Ceiling

We had to get a do-over on our kitchen ceiling "pickling".   We had a pickled ceiling before, and the process was to do a light white coat, followed by a clear coat to finish.  With this ceiling, the contractor chose to use a "pickle" stain.   The problem was that all the boards were stained before installation and didn't seem to all get the same treatment.  This ceiling is made of spruce boards that are 2 "bead board" sections wide.  The planks were nailed directly  the beams above.   
For the do-over, the contractor sent a different painter who agreed the best way to get a pickled finish is to do a white-wash.  He brushed on a watered down white paint over the entire ceiling, then finished with a clear coat. The pictures above are how it looks after the do-over.
 Below is the first treatment.
First treatment.

I am much happier with the white wash treatment.  I just wanted to share in case anyone is considering "pickling"  a wood ceiling.  Also, I have a confession to make about this chandelier.  I still have a bag full of crystals I haven't put on yet!  It was a bit of a tedious project.  I've got lots to do before Pam's wedding reception!
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  1. That's just beautiful and adds so much character. I'd love to have the same thing done to my dining room.

  2. Robin,
    Thanks for sharing. I so wish I had these beautiful ceilings in my home.


  3. Oh Robin that ceiling is beautiful now. So gorgeous.

  4. This is beautiful! I'm your newest follower. You can find me decorating, painting and baking on HickoryTrail

  5. I adore your kitchen! The ceiling is devine.