Sunday, April 7, 2013

Budget Bedroom Makeover

After our home improvement projects and makeovers in some other rooms, my remaining budget was pretty much non-existent by the time I was ready to put the master bedroom back together.
Some of my biggest challenges were curtains and bedding.  My windows are 101 inches from floor to rod.  We put bamboo blinds over the French doors, but couldn't find any that matched and fit the windows on each side.   After ordering curtains, returning curtains, and shopping around, I decided the best solution was to make some simple panels.   I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon.
We bought the rug and runner at Lowe's. By using this combination, we saved money over buying a larger rug.  I found this antique dresser and mirror at a consignment store.  I'm still debating on whether to give it an Annie Sloan treatment.  I'm leaving it as is for the time being since it matched my bed.

I painted a nightstand we have had over 15 years, filled the handle holes and added glass knobs. I ordered the pair of wall lamps from Lowe's, and were fairly inexpensive.

This is a $2 chair my son and mother-in-law found for me at a yard sale.  I gave it a quick coat of grey. I found the yo-yo pillow on clearance at TJ Maxx.

I've yet to find any new bedding that both fits my budget and my bed.  I also did the order/return/shop process for bedding, but finally settled on using the old bedding and made a pillow to tie in the colors from the curtains and rugs.  I love this toile and have seen it used by other bloggers.  I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby.
The tin square over the bed came from Kirkland's years ago.  I updated it with a coat of ASCP in Old White. 

Lately I've noticed people asking the question of ceiling fan or chandelier for the bedroom.  I personally like chandeliers better, but like others living in the South, it is hard to let go of a nice breeze over you while you sleep.  My solution was to get the prettiest ceiling fan I could find.  We ordered this one from Home Depot when building the house about 6 years ago.

Please pardon the dust :)  I realized if I kept waiting until each room was clean enough,  decorated enough etc... I would never have anything to share.  I did leave out a wall with the desk and TV from my pictures :) 
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Pam and her soon-to-be mister are consolidating houses and getting ready to put one on the market.  She is marrying one of her neighbors :)  The new place is looking great, but so far she has only shared phone pics.  Hopefully I can get some real pictures soon to share.
Wishing everyone a wonderful week!


  1. Robin,
    It all looks so pretty. Great job. Love it all. I still love looking at the post of the bathroom with the cow picture. That is so adorable and makes me smile every time I see it.

  2. Everything looks so beautiful and elegant. well done

  3. Oh I agree it all looks gorgeous. You have really done a great job. It is always such a pleasure to meet other Nashville bloggers.

  4. The bed room looks great. I too have tall windows and I have had a hard time finding drapes for the windows for a reasonable price. I was lucky enough to find some at Ikea, but I think they are short for your needs. Good luck, I do like the ones you made though.