Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bargain Alert - Crystal Beverage Dispenser

I just wanted to let everyone know about a bargain I found at Sam's Club yesterday, in case someone is interested in finding one  of their own.  These would also make an awesome gift.  This is a Godinger Crystal Beverage dispenser.  It is very heavy and nice quality.  These were selling for $50 before Christmas.  Yesterday I found this one at Sam's Club in Murfreesboro,  TN for $19.81!  There were quite a few left.  I don't know how markdowns work among the different locations.  But I thought it was worth mentioning in case someone wanted to check a location near them and needed one too.  I was drooling over this a few months ago, but couldn't justify the need for one.  However, since my sister Pam has gotten engaged and will be married very soon, I am going to use this for her wedding reception! 
I have one project I hope to get photographed and posted this weekend.  I still have 3 bathrooms in the middle of remodeling!  I have tubs and sinks setting in the middle of bedrooms :(  Hopefully some of this will be completed soon so I can share. 

Wishing everyone a great weekend! 

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