Friday, January 4, 2013

A Vintage Milk Crate

I was so excited to get this vintage milk crate full of bottles from Pam at Christmas!  I had planned to show pictures of it sooner, but I've been off-my-feet sick for the last week, as so many seem to be.  My projects and plans I was excited to get to had to be put on hold.  I did manage to pick up some flowers at the grocery and take some pictures just before it hit me, so I had a little something to work with for a post.
This is from an old dairy in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Pam said she found it at an antique store in Bardstown.
It still had 11 of its 12 bottles.

Pam actually spilled the beans to me about a week before Christmas that this was my gift.  But, I had not set eyes on it until Christmas morning, so it was still a great surprise. When we were children, Pam was the one that would unwrap the ends of her gifts under the tree, just to see what she was getting.  Of course she would tape the ends back, so our mother wouldn't notice. :)

  Hopefully I will be up to completing some things on my project list soon!  With all the work going on around the house up until the day before Thanksgiving, then going into Christmas decorating, I have a very long list.  And, my bathroom is scheduled to be gutted on Tuesday!
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  1. Robin,
    That is one awesome Christmas gift...ucky YOU:) Happy New Year!!!


  2. So incredibly gorgeous!!! Love it :o)

  3. You've staged it nicely! I sold two of these last year and wish I had kept them for evergreens at Christmas.

  4. this vintage milk crate ...what a wonderful gift!

  5. Great looking milk crate. You have it looking so pretty with the flowers. I have one and I treasure it. They are fun to decorate with. Thanks for sharing and I hope you get feeling better. Karie

  6. That is one lovely Christmas gift. The entire arrangement looks perfect! The vintage milk crates also look fancy with those beautiful white flowers. If you want to enhance the look, you can try applying a liquid coating on the wood.

  7. Love the vintage milk crate and that it came with the bottles! Hope you're feeling better soon!