Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Copycat Drink Jar

When I saw this drink jar and ladle in the Ballard catalog, I thought this was such a great idea for a modern take on the punch bowl.  But at $99 for the set,  this wasn't going to grace my table any time soon.   I use large glass jars  for my flour and sugar, and knew it was probably the same size.  After some measuring and online shopping for ladles, I knew I could do a much less expensive copy cat version of this set.
I get these large glass jars (with glass lid) at Target and Wal-Mart.  This jar was around $13 at Target last month.  The ladle I ordered through Amazon  HERE for $12.99. Whenever I order through Amazon, I always add on something so I can get the free shipping with $25 purchase.  I usually add something practical like hygiene products or food. :)  So for $26  I got a set I was happy with and a price I could actually afford.  The ladle doesn't have the beautiful curve as the one in Ballard, but it does have the hook end and functions the same.  For a savings of $73, I can live with this difference.
For a Christmas Party I tied a satin ribbon around the jar.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Simple Christmas Decorating This Year

With all of the remodeling we are in the middle of, decorating has taken a back seat this year.  From Halloween through the day before Thanksgiving, most of the contents from downstairs were packed up in boxes and stacked in various corners.
I came home from work one day to find my husband had bought these wreaths at Sam's Club and hung them on the front doors. That was certainly a nice surprise.
This is the landing and stairs just inside the front door.   A large part of my decorating was just using clippings from outside.

My husband proved he actually listens to my ramblings, and put this little scene together the same day he surprised me with the wreaths.


This tree is in my kitchen.  The day after Thanksgiving I felt the urge to venture out to Old Time Pottery and buy a couple of the pre-lit trees for some quick decorating.
This year decorating was really about just making do with what I could easily get my hands on, and didn't require much time or concentration.


Well, I guess that's it for my Christmas pictures.  This is my second attempt to post this, as half of the pictures and everything I had written just vanished from Blogger.  My draft at the halfway point also published without my knowledge.  Now, it could all be the operator.  But now I can't remember if I've included all the pictures I wanted to use.
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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Birth Of A New Room - Naming the Porch

This is our new room.  When the house was built 5 years ago, this was a screened porch, connecting the house and garage.  The areas that are windows or drywall now, used to be open and screened.  The fireplace was part of the original construction. 

We had several choices for what to call this room.  Do you have names for your rooms, other than what the house plans state?  We call our "living room" the piano room.  Because well, there is a piano in there.  Not the baby grand we hoped for when building the house, but a piano nonetheless.  The "great room" we usually call the living room.  I tend to confuse everyone when I refer to it as the family room. :)  I wanted to call the new room a hearth room, or keeping room, but everyone kept referring to it as the porch room.  And when I communicated to our contractor, it was always the porch.  So, we decided it would be most fitting to officially declare it the "porch room".

The floor used to be tile, but we had it replaced with a pre-finished scraped wood floor.

I've always liked the brick.  When building the house, we were going for an aged farmhouse feel for the exterior.  I like having the exposed brick walls in this room. 

We brought in the sofa from the family room.   The chair was in an upstairs bedroom.  We just pulled in furniture and accessories we already had to furnish the room and save money.  I didn't intentionally plan to have so many owl pillows in here, but they worked best with the existing furniture.  The blue owl I already had, and the 2 brown script owl pillows I found at Marshall's.




Well, I guess there are a couple of things I bought for this room.  The wreath from TJ Maxx, and the cow canvas from D├ęcor Steals.

This room is adjacent to the kitchen.  To the right of the T.V. is a French door that opens to the pool area.  I'm not sure why I didn't get a picture including the door, unless it was because I couldn't get in the corner with the Christmas tree.


I look at so many other blogs and am amazed at the beautiful photography.  I am envious of everyone with their photo shop skills and actions.  Believe me, I struggle to get pictures that I'm not embarrassed to post.  On that note, last week I had taken some pictures of this wall while a fire was burning.  Then my computer died, taking those pictures with it.  Although it was about 70 degrees outside this weekend when I took these pictures, I really wanted the effect of the fire.  Let me just say it isn't a good idea to run around with a camera in your hand and try to light a gas fireplace starter at the same time.  And, it's also a good idea to have matches or a lighter in hand before turning on the gas. I think I singed off any hair that may have been on my right arm!   

I'm eager to show pictures of my kitchen, as it has changed the most.  But, I still have a couple of projects to finished in there, and I'm waiting for a delivery from Ballard Designs.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Furniture For The Family Room

Our family room got a facelift of sorts.  While it is one of the few rooms we aren't planning to paint at this time, it did get rejuvenated with new furniture.  While my daughter was home on Thanksgiving break, I drug her out furniture shopping with me, several times.  We picked out the sofa first.  After it was delivered and we had a few days to get the feel of it in the room, we headed out to buy chairs.

We also did a lot of pillow shopping.  Most of these pillows came from Marshall's.

The arrangement may change after Christmas, when the tree is no longer occupying a large corner.

Our previous furniture was too bulky for this room.  I was trying to go for a more refined look this time.

The coffee table may eventually be replaced.  It is was my first ever furniture purchase from Pottery Barn, and has since been painted in ASCP French linen.

I totally copied this bear on a tray idea from another blog, only now I can't remember which one.  I thought it was Cassie at Primitive and Proper, but when I went to link back to her post, I couldn't find it.  If anyone recognizes this, please let me know so I can give a proper link back.

This chair is actually a recliner.  I'm afraid this is as recliner-ish as I can go.

One of the main reasons I bought this sofa was the pillows.  They were all included, and have nice heavy feather inserts.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dining Room and Butler's Pantry Makeover

We're in the middle of a lot of work around the house.  I decided if I waited until a room was "complete" before I posted pictures, I wouldn't be posting for weeks, or maybe longer.  So, here goes for some "almost complete" rooms.  The big change in these rooms was the paint color.  The new color is Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige.  I absolutely love this color.  I chose it because it was the best grey to compliment the granite in the kitchen.

I painted my china cabinet in Annie Sloan French Linen.  

The three plates over the cow were a recent birthday gift from my daughter, from West Elm.

I found these wreaths at Marshall's.  I love our Marshall's because they always have a great selection of home accessories.

This is the Butler's Pantry, which connects the kitchen and dining room.  To the left is a walk-in pantry.

Besides the wall color, the big change here is we removed the hutch on top of this piece.  I had the mirror, but painted it flat black for this space.  I like this area so much better now and it seems much larger and more open.

I need to finish pictures of a new room this week.  We converted an exterior space to an interior room.
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