Friday, October 12, 2012

French Grain Sack Towel

I just wanted to share my find of the day, in case someone is headed to Marshall's or TJ Maxx this weekend and would like some too.  I found this set of towels at my local Marshall's today.   I'm not sure how popular the Marshall's stores are elsewhere, but it is affiliated with TJ Maxx/Homegoods.

These were sold as a set.  One is the PARIS design and one is the typical stripes.  The PARIS towel also has small stripes on the sides. The best part is the set was only $3.99!  The sad part, there was only 1 set at my store.  Hopefully there are more of these floating around at the other stores in case someone wants some too :)  

Have a great weekend!  
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  1. I was at my TJ Maxx (60 miles away) yesterday, and didn't see anything of the such! We don't have a Marshall's or Homegoods anywhere near. Don't I wish?? Love these!! And 3.99???? Go girl!

  2. i love the design, very simple and elegant.i was looking for some sites that would help me with this kind of probelm

  3. I saw someone use these types of towels to use as seat cover material. It looked really cool.

  4. I bought THREE sets of these at Marshalls! Two for gifts and one for me :)