Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Breakfast Bar

This morning I had three lovely college ladies in the house for breakfast.  I wanted to put together a little fall inspired treat for them.  We had pumpkin bagels, pumpkin cream cheese and chocolate muffins.  We also had pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin spice creamer.  Fear not though, for those not loving all things pumpkin, there was also regular coffee, caramel apple coffee, various other flavored creamers and hot cocoa.

I've found that TJ Maxx is a great place to find seasonal baking supplies, like these mini baking papers, very inexpensively.  

I love using sugar cubes in my coffee.  It's easier to get just the right amount of sweetness each time.

I painted this little pumpkin with some of my leftover silver foil spraypaint.

This old metal scoop I found at the flea market last year for $5.  I like to use it as my napkin holder.

This is set up in my butler's pantry area, in between the kitchen and dining room.  It's great having everything in it's own place and out of the way.

Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing everyone a great fall weekend!


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