Monday, October 29, 2012

Bench, Bag and Booth

I thought I would share a picture of the latest bench slipcover I made.  These are so easy.  I just lay my fabric over the bench to measure and make cuts.  The hardest part is pinning the piping on and stitching around it.  I even used the iron-on hem tape to hem this one.  I bought a bunch of this fabric at a yard sale for $5.

I did an ink transfer of  a Paris flea market design on this market bag.  Oh, and where did I take this bag you might ask?  I took it to a booth I am now sharing with Rebecca from Walnut and Vine, located at The Old Feed Store in Woodbury, TN.   I took a dresser painted in Annie Sloan Country Grey, along with some Christmas ornaments and a few other small things this weekend.  I hope to get some pillow slipcovers and French stockings to the booth in a couple of weeks.

Rebecca and I met through our blogs.  She so kindly came out to visit Pam and I at the Nashville Flea Market on several occasions.  It turns out we live near each other, and our daughters even went to the same high school.  I'm so excited to get to work with her!  We will be getting the booth ready for Christmas and share some pictures a little bit later.

I'm partying with Linda at Coastal Charm .  

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  1. What a charming bench...luv the price that you paid for the fabric too! Come by and share it at my party today.