Monday, August 6, 2012

Toile Pillow Case - Sew Easy

This is the ruffled pillow case my daughter requested for her dorm room.   

She opted for this style over a traditional pillow sham, after seeing the one I made for my bedroom below.

I made this king size ruffled cover from an up cycled Rachael Ashwell duvet cover.

To make the cover I placed the fabric on the top half of the pillow to see where to make my cut, and allowed about 1/2 inch on each side for the seam.  I like to take advantage of the fold.  For this case I used the fold for the closed end of the case.

Right sides together, I sewed the top side of the case.  I stuck the down pillow inside just to make sure the size was going to be correct.

The ruffle is a long strip of fabric folded lengthwise.  I like to fold it instead of hemming the edge, for cleaner look and less sewing.  Pin the strip of folded fabric, right sides together with the end of the case, gathering and pinning as  you go.

After the ruffle is sewn on, I take the little edge of solid color fabric showing on the seam, and fold over the raw edge and stitch, for a more finished look.

After the ruffle is finished, turn the case inside out again and sew up the bottom side of the case.

We are in full dorm room mode around here this week.  Now I've got to find my staple gun so 
we can cover the large leopard print memo board from last year.  

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  1. Hey there, you have got me wanting to go and sew now! Tonia and I were at the Nashville flea and looked for ya'll. We definately scored on this trip!

  2. Oh Teresa, I'm jealous of your score! I haven't been to the Flea since we set up there in April. We've just had so much regular life stuff going on, there hasn't been much time for the fun stuff.

  3. I admire your unending creativity. She'll have another spectacular dorm space.

  4. Robin,
    Love the pillows, sad, I can't sew a stitch, maybe if I could just figure out how to thread my dang machine! Teresa and I got our wires crossed, I thought she was gonna be at the flea on Friday, ( I was at the hopspital with my daughter and her new baby), went to the Flea on Sat which is when she & Tonia were there so unknowingly we were there at the same time and missed each other! It was hooooot and crowded!

  5. Congrats on your granddaughter Rebecca! Saw the sweet pictures on your blog. And shew... I don't do hooooot very well. I'll have to venture out when it cools down some. I've been wanting to make a trip to Chattanooga to check out a specil store.