Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coffee And A New Farmhouse Print

I hesitated to even post these pictures.  This is a butler's pantry area between my kitchen and dining room, and it gets very little natural light.  These pictures were taken in the middle of a sunny day!  I set up this coffee/hot drink station a few months ago because we were having a traffic jam in the kitchen when I cooked breakfast on the weekends.  I originally had the coffee maker on the kitchen counter and I felt like I was running into someone getting their coffee every time I went back and forth from the cook top to the ovens.   This new set up has worked great.  When the weather is cooler, I also keep a basket of hot cider and cocoa mix out next to the Keurig.


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  1. What a smart and lovely idea! It makes the family feel like they are at a b&b or resort.

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