Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are Cows The New Roosters?

For many years, I had a passion for poultry.  Of course not just any poultry, but the fancy roosters used in French Country decorating.  One of  the first pieces I bought for my collection was this milk glass dish. I found it at a flea market in Manhattan about 8 years ago.  I carefully wrapped this baby up in our dirty laundry, brought it on the plane in a carry-on bag, and clung to it all the way from New York to Nashville.  It, and a ceramic pumpkin we found for $2 in a SoHo shop.

As often happens when you start a collection, your family members start collecting for you through birthday and Christmas gifts.  I amassed a pretty good collection of fancy rooster decor, until the point my son would periodically take count of all things rooster or hen in our home and then attempt to run some type of intervention.  But over the last year, my eye began to wander.  I began to notice that I was gasping at the sight of pretty cows, usually in a European type decor.  My love of roosters was clearly being tested.

Then one day, I was on my friend  Teresa's blog and read her post  Returning To My True Love .  Oh, how I could sympathize.  I admire Teresa for knowing herself well enough to make a choice.  I on the other hand, have been stuck in between.  My first cow acquisition (well, not counting the ones in the pasture) were these beautiful prints I found on Etsy.   

Sure, I'd occasionally  make a pillow or dishtowel with a cow print to integrate into my home decor.  But with the increased presence of cows in home furnishings lately, I'm finding temptation every where I turn.  For example, when Decor Steals featured these cows on canvas, I ordered right away.  Oh, and the cow head in the first picture above?  I ordered it too.

Here are more cows to admire, from listings I found on Etsy

You know how they say "40 is the new 30" or "50 is the new 40" (I'm hoping that one is still true next year). It seems the cow is certainly gaining popularity in home decorating these days. So I've been wondering, are cows the new roosters?

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