Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dictionary Art and Le Boeuf

For a long time I had a passion for poultry.  When my son was younger he liked to take a count of everything with a rooster or hen in our home and inform me of just how many I had.    But lately I've been quite smitten with le boeuf.  La boeuf?  Les boeuf?  Cows.  Last year I did This Post about printing dictionary pages, and then doing a second printing of an image on the same page.   I decided to try larger images this time.  I used the picture tool to enlarge the page/print of the dictionary page, then printed it in a horizontal format.

Speaking of the French cow, I did an image transfer of a French beef chart on a flour sack towel.  

Please pardon the glare of the glass in these pictures.

I also made some chalk board tags for my canisters.

Thanks for stopping by!  Robin

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  1. Your dictionary prints are very nice, but what I really love are the labels on your canisters! They add such a nice touch to them.