Saturday, June 2, 2012

Heavy Metal

We've been shifting into summer mode around here.  That means a few weeks of endless sleepovers and pool parties, during the in-between time of school and summer jobs for my college kids.   Some mornings there are so many cars in my driveway, I feel like I'm hunting my car in a parking lot when I leave for work :) Pam said at least now I know I can run a bed and breakfast.  I'm just glad so many kids like to hang out around here.

I did take a few days off work last week to just slow down the pace a bit.   Every morning you could find me on the front porch with my coffee and a good book.

I've really been enjoying my metal non glider.  I've always referred to these things a gliders, because my grandparents had one.  Only theirs had wrap over arms and glided.  Mine doesn't glide.  It just doesn't feel right calling it a bench.

I can't believe how lucky I was to find this at the Nashville Flea Market last year for $50.  This may be my greatest flea market score yet.  

My black metal milk can makes the perfect side table.

I thought my non-glider was perfect just the way it was:  chippy, a bit rusty and a beautiful shade of aqua showing through.

I've also finally gotten around to checking out  PicMonkey.  What can I say.  I'm always late to the party.  I do like it much better than Picnik.  It's is faster and easier to upload pictures and there is a larger selection of  effects.  I'm loving the weave effect, can you tell?

I do have other projects to share when I get a chance to take pictures and tweak them a bit.  I've painted my china cabinet and finally found some slipcovers that I like for my sofa and love seat.   In the mean time I'm really enjoying checking out everyone else's projects on your blogs.  Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I am loving your "glider" too! Oh my goodness it totally reminds me of my grandma's house ❤
    Our house was the teenage hangout too when our girls were teenagers ~ It was alot of fun!

  2. Sorry I havn't visted lately, I sure have missed some good post. I love the non-glidder and how perfect is the finish! Love it. I know what you mean about slowing down and catching your breath, seems like something always going on! Have a great week, Hugs, Lynn

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  4. Your glider is awesome! Cute blog! xxx

  5. Love your "non-gliding" glider- it's perfect! I also just found PicMonkey- can't wait to use it on my blog.