Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flea Market Finds

I got lucky and found 2 really great things at the flea market last weekend.  I didn't have to go far, which is a good thing otherwise I probably wouldn't have found them.  After I unloaded my car and sat down in our booth for a minute, I looked to my left and spotted this fan in the booth beside us.  At $20 I didn't think twice before telling them I would take it.  It's been restored and still works.  But most importantly, I love the way it looks!

The second thing I found was this chicken wire cloche and pedestal.  To find it, I only had to look across to the booth in front of us.  We were surrounded by awesome vendors this time.  Since we aren't regular vendors, we get last pick of booths and are never in the same place twice.  You never know when you're going to be mixed in with the man selling old tools or the guy selling Halloween jewelry.  This time we were surrounded by vendors with nice furniture or vintage treasures.

The cloche was hand made from chicken wire and painted blue.  The pedestal is a vintage plate on an old insulator.

I just LOVE it! : )

Pam found some great pieces too, including 2 huge old trunks.  They were from the vendor to our right.  Ha ha. Seriously, we didn't have the time or energy to get far from our own booth.

One vendor beside us even gave me  the Spring issue of Flea Market Style and the current Martha Stewart Organizing book and  couple of sewing books.  Total score!    When you spend 3 days in close proximity to   people, you have a chance to bond : )

We spent most of yesterday working on an order for a store in Birmingham, AL.  We will share pictures when we get it finished later this week.

Thanks so much for stopping by our blog!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

April At The Nashville Flea Market

Whew!  What a week it has been.  Coming off a Flea Market weekend, there has been lots of regular life business to take care of this week.  On top of that, my daughter came home from college, which I'm thrilled about.  Moving all her personal furniture and belongings home was a bit of work.  And, I'm in the middle of mailing out high school graduation announcements for my "baby" and have to get his party planned in the next 2 weeks.

We just want to thank everyone that came by our booth last weekend.  As always, we met lots of sweet people and had wonderful "neighbors" in the booths around us.   We just had one small booth this time.  Since it is spring, we haven't had long in the garage sale season to find a lot of new pieces.  But, we are already planning a couple of new things for fall that we are excited about.  Something other than the flea market.  

The first pieces of furniture to sell were the coffee sack chairs.  The pair of cane back chairs were actually bought by someone furnishing their new coffee shop in Wisconsin.  How cool is that?

Thanks so much for stopping by our booth and our blog!

Robin and Pam