Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Package From France

Several months ago I ordered a few things from France, via Etsy.   One of the items was a set of vintage  seed pack labels, in French of course.   Since I've been in full flea market mode since last week, I thought I would find a way to use these.   I cut some ticking stripe card stock to go behind the label and then framed them using some frames that I had already painted and waxed.

The Etsy shop is Simply French Vintage.  I love to read about the people behind the shops.  Simply French Vintage is run by David And Jane, an English couple who live in rural France during the spring and summer months.  Ahhh.  Doesn't that just sound breath taking?

This is a cute little bird house and the pickled table it is on will also go to the Nashville Flea Market with us.  Just a reminder that we will be under Shed #2 and would love to meet anyone that can stop by and say hi!

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Robin and Pam


  1. Robin,
    what cute things, especially the little birdhouse with the picket fence! Are you guys going to be there on Friday? If I go, that may when. Let eme know!

  2. Robin,
    I just got an e-mail from my friend Sarah Kate at Nothing but blue Skies (on my side bar) who also follows you. She is going to the flea on Sat and was excite when I told her you guys were going to be there. She's either never been or only once or twice and won't know where shed 2 is so she can come by and meet you. Can you tell me exactly where you will be and if you have a sign, I'll e-mail her back with info, She will be there on Sat. (she's adorable, you'll like her, she lives in Rockvale also, had hoped to meet her in person, if not this time, maybe soon!)
    Thanks, Rebecca

  3. Hi Rebecca! We are planning to be there Friday, from 8 til about 3 or so. It stinks that we are never in the same place twice, but since we aren't monthly vendors, we get last pick of the spaces. From what I can tell on the map, the end of Shed 2 where we will be is right across from the front of shed 4, up that concrete ramp. I think we are going to be about 8 spaces from the end, in the middle section. We will at least have a chalk board sign up, and I'm going to try to put some tissue pom poms on top of a ladder or something so our space is more noticeable.

  4. obrigada,pela homenagem ao BRASIL.