Sunday, March 4, 2012

How Pam Gets A Sofa

Pam is always adding new vintage finds to her home.  Most of her acquisitions come from thrift stores.  These are some great old suit cases and a train case she recently bought.  But, a few months back she got a sofa and matching chairs in a somewhat unusual way, so I wanted to share a funny story.

Pam has been wanting a sofa/settee like this for quite a while.  All of the ones we have run across so far have either been a bit pricey, or in need of much repair, or both.  

One Sunday afternoon, Pam and her buddy Keith (who is our best helper at flea market) were leaving the grocery store parking lot near her house.  As they were about to pull out, a truck with this sofa and 2 matching chairs pulled in.  Keith, who was fully aware of Pam's vintage sofa obsession, didn't have to offer much encouragement for Pam to turn around and follow the truck.

They pulled up beside the truck and asked the couple just what was the fate of this furniture.  They explained that it had belonged to one of the grandmothers, but had been setting in a consignment store for a few months. They had just picked it up at the consignment store and had given up on finding a buyer.  Pam quickly let them know that she wanted this furniture.  It often works to Pam's advantage that she usually doesn't hesitate to say what is on her mind.  When the couple asked what she was willing to pay, she told them she had just made $60 at a yard sale and that was all the cash she had on her.  I guess they really were tired of hauling this around, because they sold the whole set to her for $60. 

This is the part I find most amusing. Wanting to close the deal quickly, Pam and Keith took the furniture off the truck in the grocery store parking lot.  Since neither Pam nor Keith have a truck, their plan was to sit on the furniture, outside the grocery store, to keep it secure until they could find a friend with a truck to come move it to Pam's house.  And they did just that.  They started calling friends and family with trucks and found someone to take it to its new home. If you know my sister well, this scenario really isn't all that surprising. So, if you happen to be out grocery shopping one day and notice people sitting on fine furniture in the middle of the parking lot, you could assume they found a too-good-to-pass-up deal on some furniture.  If you are in the Nashville area and see this, you could assume that it is Pam.

It is in great condition.  Pam just painted the wood black.

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