Saturday, March 10, 2012

French Grain Sacks DIY Style

Authentic vintage grain sacks can be pricey.   Many times there are holes or stains and they are better used in pieces rather than whole.   At least the ones in my price range are.   So, I decided I would create some of my own.

I recently ordered a French grain sack stencil with these burlap bags in mind.  I bought these at Tractor Supply.  I've found that the types of bags they have can vary quite a bit.  The one in the top picture is a tighter weave and a bit thicker than the others.  This is by far my favorite kind.  Unfortunately when I went back this week, all the bags were a looser weave with a purple stripe at the top.

The bag in this second picture is the kind I've found there most often.  It is a looser weave.  I actually washed this one in the washing machine, just to see what happened.  I let it air dry and then pressed it a bit with a warm iron.  It is certainly softer after washing, and surprisingly held up well.

I just tied a bow with some burlap ribbon and pinned to the top of this bag.  All three bags were made with the same stencil.  I just used different parts of the stencil each time, since it was a large and intricate design. 

Next I plan to sew some bags from drop cloth fabric and try the stencil and also my favorite citrasolv transfer method.

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  1. I love the bags!!!! I have been using the citrasolve method since first seeing the tut on your blog. I have also used the woodworker's transfer tool but much prefer the citrasolve. Easy Peasy!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I love reading your posts.

    hugs and smiles,

  2. Great idea, they look fabulous.


  3. Yours looks so nicely done and LOVE that burlap bow!!

    I'm going to go check my TSC store and see if they have any of the good bags left. I have been searching for the tighter weave burlap and find it difficult to locate.

  4. Good luck with finding good bags! I did stencil on the looser weave and it did fine. I was hoping washing it would shrink the weave, but no such luck.

  5. Your stenciling is amazing! I'm gonna have to try this:)

  6. Where did you purchase your french grain sack stencil? Thank you.