Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's Gold Is New Again

I remember the days when gold and brass dominated home decor.  Well, at least at my house : )  I eventually moved on in my decorating style and left gold behind, in favor of silver and all kinds of galvanized goodness. In fact, the chalk board frame in the picture was gold when Pam and I bought it at a yard sale a couple of summers ago.  Naturally, we promptly painted it white and turned it into a chalk board that we use for our sign when we sell at the Nashville Flea Market.

But lately I've noticed that gold is making its way back into more decorating.  And when I've noticed the gold framed chalk boards in others' pictures, I've really liked them.   I remember a while back reading where someone noted that the new gold was prettier than the old gold.  I agree.  This frame was actually a shiny, brassy gold in its first life.   But now, it is a pretty deep gold.  

In fact, the color is Vintage Gold by Martha Stewart Living.

I don't know about you, but I really like the chalk markers for writing on chalk boards.  They don't wipe away as easily as regular chalk, but are good for phrases or quotes you plan to leave up for a while.

You can't tell much from these pictures, but I've begun (began?) to paint my office white.  One wall at a time. Well, sometimes its part of one wall at a time.  One and three quarters walls to go and I'll share more pictures.   I've been wanting a white room for a very long time.  This room was actually part of an elaborate plan on my part to convince the husband to (happily) consent to my painting our dining room.  He doesn't always feel comfortable with change, so a well laid plan was necessary.

Pam isn't married so she makes changes around her place more frequently than I do.  Now, if she would just bring the camera back so I can post some pictures here on the blog!

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  1. I have actually been drawn to gold lately, and I have never been a "gold" person. Hope you two gals are great. We are wanting to come to the flea market in April. Will ya'll be there?

  2. Hi Teresa! I'm not sure about April but it's possible. We've been trying to pin down a date. Pam and I will talk about it more this weekend and see what goals we think we can meet. We're planning to do a little shopping there this
    Saturday. I'm hoping there will be a good selection of vendors.

  3. Nice, Robin! I'm liking the Antique Gold ~ I used that on dresser hardware that I just did recently. I like my gold {in home decor} toned down just a bit. This chalkboard looks great ~ such nice detailing.

  4. Thanks Kathy! I'll have to make a note about the hardware and try that. Great idea!

  5. Love this! I made a similar one last year and I love your burlap bow addition. I think I'll go add that this weekend with some leftover burlap!! Visiting from Feathered Nest Friday.

  6. Your frame looks great gold, change sometimes is good, the bow is the perfect finishing touch! Just got done painting my kitchen, so rewarding when done! Going to the flea Saturday (considering the time) today also! Hope there is some good stuff!

  7. Hi Rebecca! Pam and I went out to the Flea this morning. I didn't really find anything. There were a couple of nice pieces that caught my eye, but had already sold. Stopped by our friend Linda's booth and bought a cute cast iron bird. And she showed off her picture of Mike from American Pickers that stopped by her booth on Thursday!