Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's Make Tissue Pom Poms

The last time we set up at the Nashville Flea Market, we took some prop items just as booth decor.  Surprisingly there was a lot of interest in these things, especially the tissue pom poms.  I promised a couple of people I would post a tutorial on these.  

  I used a pack of tissue paper from Dollar General, that I got for a dollar :)

I left the paper in its stack, and cut down the middle.

Then I put both sections together into 1 stack, giving me 16 sheets.

Starting on the  short end, just fold back and forth, accordion style.  I folded mine in sections that were about an inch or so.

Then I secure the center with some wire.  I just used the picture hanging wire I also get at Dollar General for about  $1.

This is where you can insert ribbon or string if you plan to hang these.

Next, trim the ends in the shape of your choice.  I personally like the effect of a point.  The tissue is thick, so you probably will need to do this in sections.

Fan out each side.

I saw this next step referred to as "blooming".  I love that.  Begin to separate each sheet, gently pulling apart. You will need to work with the sheets to pull them apart as close to the wired area as possible.  You will probably have a few tears,  not weeping, but rips in the tissue : )  That's okay because you won't notice in the finished product.

I do each half, then kind of fluff and shape it into one large puff.

We used these on top of candle holders, dishes and just scattered about in our booth.  Kind of like sprinkles on a cupcake.

I made these in red and white with Valentines Day in mind.  With all the gorgeous tissue papers available, you could whip up some pretty amazing pom poms for any occasion.

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  1. Thanks for the tut! Really cute idea. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!


  2. seems simple to make, but create something lovely

  3. This is a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  4. These are beautiful! We did these for a church valentines party. They added so much. We hang one over each table. They looked so elegant!

  5. Oh, thanks for the great memories! We used to make (smaller) versions of these when we were in grade school, with Kleenex! They looked like carnations. I love the way yours turned out with tissue paper. Thanks again!

  6. Hi Maureen. I did the same thing with the pastel colored Kleenex and bobby pins to hold the centers! Thanks for stopping by :) Robin