Monday, January 2, 2012

A Corner Of Our Family Room

This was the corner that housed our Christmas tree.   Before Christmas there was a family rocker in this spot.  After clearing out all the Christmas decorations, I started thinking about using this corner for something pretty, and less rustic than the rest of the room. 

I saw a drool worthy over sized wing back chair in TJ Max just before Christmas.  It was grey, but looked like the one that is featured on the ABC show Revenge.  The fact that it was $500 kept it at "dream" status for me.  However, there were some smaller chairs for substantially less money.  Since I had some Christmas money burning a whole in my pocket, I took a little trip back to TJ as soon as our New Years guest walked out the door yesterday.

I bought this chair and the lamp.

I pulled in the side table from another room.  The husband liked the new look so much, he ran down to the barn to get this convex mirror out of storage.  He thought it was just the right piece for this corner.  This morning I wasted no time in making a cord cover for the lamp, and a Union Jack pillow for the chair.

This new corner softened the room, which was just what I was hoping for.  I really need to give credit to my mother-in-law for the whole look.  The mirror was passed on from her, the table had belonged to her parents, and the chair and lamp were purchased with gift money she gave me for Christmas.  Yes, my mother-in-law rocks.

Hope your New Year is getting off to a great start!


  1. I would have to agree, your mother in law rocks, though I might be a bit biased on that matter. The room looks great. I'm so glad that family items are not only staying in the family, but also getting used.

  2. I love your prettied up corner. The mirror is perfect. Your husband has a good eye. Love the HomeGoods chair.


  3. Oh it's perfect, I am most impressed that your hubby saw your vision! I love the table and chair. Isn't it great to have the house all cleaned up of all the holiday stuff, I always think my house looks so big after it is all put away


  4. I love the fabric on the chair. Your new corner turned out great! I love that your hubby jumped into the project, affirmation is always good. :)

  5. This I love! The Chair and mirror YES! Thank you so much for coming by Creative Choices and for becoming a new follower.

    Happy to have a new and fresh site to drool over . . .