Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Special Delivery

Pam and I put together this design and transferred onto a cotton pillowcase using the method described HERE for a special French delivery.

The images were purchased separately on Etsy.

We have more designs to share a little later.  I pieced together some designs and then copied them as a whole.  Unfortunately, the copier apparently wasn't toner based and the ink wouldn't release.  So it's back to the drawing board.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Accentuate The Positive

Often, many of us have areas of our homes that we aren't crazy about and for whatever reason we can't make changes to them.  I have some places like that, so I thought it would be good to just appreciate the good parts.

I'm also practicing my photography. I attended an informational type photography class over the weekend and decided to try taking my camera off  auto mode.  I took these pictures over 2 days, one sunny and one not.

This old metal tray and tart tin were purchased at the The Nashville Flea Market several years ago.  The jar came from an antique store.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today's Post Is Brought To You By The Letter H

I wanted to share an easy letter project.  Although I used a letter, I'm thinking I would like to do a number next time.  I just cut a letter out of cardboard and wrapped it in good ole' twine. I used a little hot fabric glue to secure the ends on the back of the letter. We embellished it with a pretty pom pom saved from an Anthropologie gift box.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Vintage French

I bet this wasn't what you were expecting. : )  I may be one of  few that think this is pretty.  This is our 1969 Massey Ferguson tractor, made in France.  We bought her about 5 years ago after moving to "the country".  She has served us well but now has a bum wheel.  Finding parts for a vintage French tractor isn't easy, but I think we have one on our radar.

She wasn't looking too spiffy when we got her.  But, just as with furniture, they make a paint for just about everything.  Here she is after her  make-over:

Pam and I put in a work session one night last week and have some things to share, as soon as I can make time to take pictures.  And speaking of pictures, I'm taking a photography class tomorrow night!  Considering I know almost nothing about my Cannon Rebel I got for Mother's Day, I'm sure I'll learn a lot.  Oh, and I started going to the gym this week.  Hopefully after doing some catch up this weekend I'll be back on track with my schedule.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

....and now I know my abc's......Alphabet Love

This fancy new "script" or "document" fabric is really popular.  I decided I needed to find some and make something.  My favorite go-to place for fabric and craft supplies is Hobby Lobby.  It is hands down better than the other folks, Michael and JoAnn, at least around our neck of the woods.  Pretty this fabric is, cheap it isn't.  This was around $25 per yard.  However, it seems Hobby Lobby "always" has their upholstery fabric on sale for 30% off.

Since Pam brought me 2 antique ladder backs recently (that she no longer needed after some make-overs at her house), I thought this would be the perfect way to use this fabric.  Especially since I only bought 1 1/2 yards : )  This was how I spent my New Year's Eve.  Sewing seat covers.

And, it's matchy matchy with my old script bamboo rug.

While this project was somewhat fulfilling, my love affair with the alphabet isn't over yet.   There are several versions of this fabric on the market, and I'm dying to acquire some more!

I'm linking this to:

 Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Corner Of Our Family Room

This was the corner that housed our Christmas tree.   Before Christmas there was a family rocker in this spot.  After clearing out all the Christmas decorations, I started thinking about using this corner for something pretty, and less rustic than the rest of the room. 

I saw a drool worthy over sized wing back chair in TJ Max just before Christmas.  It was grey, but looked like the one that is featured on the ABC show Revenge.  The fact that it was $500 kept it at "dream" status for me.  However, there were some smaller chairs for substantially less money.  Since I had some Christmas money burning a whole in my pocket, I took a little trip back to TJ as soon as our New Years guest walked out the door yesterday.

I bought this chair and the lamp.

I pulled in the side table from another room.  The husband liked the new look so much, he ran down to the barn to get this convex mirror out of storage.  He thought it was just the right piece for this corner.  This morning I wasted no time in making a cord cover for the lamp, and a Union Jack pillow for the chair.

This new corner softened the room, which was just what I was hoping for.  I really need to give credit to my mother-in-law for the whole look.  The mirror was passed on from her, the table had belonged to her parents, and the chair and lamp were purchased with gift money she gave me for Christmas.  Yes, my mother-in-law rocks.

Hope your New Year is getting off to a great start!