Saturday, April 30, 2011




I've been trying to change the style of my powder room lately, one frugal find at a time.  A few weekends ago I found these 2 frames.  I actually found them different places and different weekends at yard sales.  Pam has been working on Saturdays since last November, so I decided to brave a few lone weekends of treasure hunting without her.  I was happy to find that the current issue of Country Living Magazine had a similar idea about using frames.

With all the white, I felt like this space needed something incredibly rustic or industrial.  My mother-in-law just happened upon this old lantern in her attic and brought it to me.  She had no idea how much I loved lanterns.  Or needed something just like this in my powder room.  It was actually her idea.  I was showing her my changes and commented on its lack of something, and she brought this in.  Wow.  That was certainly a lucky weekend for me.  There is even another one.  Fancier.  When I get it cleaned up I'll share a picture. 

Beginning next Saturday, Pam is off on weekends again.  We are getting geared up for a big weekend of treasure hunting and I am so excited.  We are on the hunt for some flea market projects.

Monday, April 18, 2011

One Step Closer To Loving My Dining Room

Over the weekend I finally got the gumption to tackle a project in my dining room.  It already feels so much better.

I've been torn over having a rug in there that matched the dining room in a house we haven't lived in for over 5 years.  Since buying a new rug wasn't an option, I finally decided to just go rugless.  I looked over many blog and magazine pictures and found as many rooms without rugs as with rugs.  The room felt cramped before, but now feels very roomy.

For all the work it took to sand and prep this piece, I probably could have painted the dining table faster.

This may have been a grand piece at one time.  But, I'm just not feeling the crackle.  This was actually a hand-me-down from someone. 



 Ahhh. Much Better.

I briefly thought about running to Home Depot to buy glass handles for this.
Instead, I used a metal color spray paint and kept the original hardware.  The handles actually have initials stamped into the brass.

The main reason I want to paint my dining table is that over the years, the sunlight coming through the window has faded the chairs and they are a distinctly different color of "cherry" than the table.  And, this isn't exactly a high end piece of furniture, but it was the best we could afford at the time.  Sixteen years ago.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Loving Lavender

Pam made up the last batch of candles at her house.  We try to divide up our projects as evenly as possible.  We each have our own strengths and it works well for us.  I do all the sewing, and most of the small crafts. Pam does practically all the furniture.  We collaborate on almost all of the project ideas.  So when Pam took over the last candle project, I tucked in one of my favorite vintage Ball jars.  I was thrilled when I picked up the finished product.  I could smell the lavender before I even got the candle out of the bag.   I haven't had a chance to see  the dozen candles that she took to Rockvale Art Gallery.   Hopefully I can stop by and take some pictures soon. 

This is an old jar I found at a consignment store last summer.  I have one more.  It may just make its way to one of our retail spaces.