Monday, December 5, 2011

Yard Sale Ice Skates

Earlier this year I found a pair of ice skates for $1 at a yard sale.  This was something that had been on my yard sale wish list for a while.  Ices skates aren't exactly a commonly owned item here in the South.  These just happened to be my size.  I've been on ice skates twice in my life. That was two times too many.  I knew there would be some way to work these into my Christmas decorating.

I removed the white shoelaces and replaced them with some ribbon I had.


  1. Ice skates for a $1! Wow, what a great deal!

  2. Nice to know how to decorate with. This is a good look.

  3. Super cute! I have several pairs of ice skates that I use in holiday decor (hung over old-fashioned sled). But, this idea is darling- I may have to steal it!

  4. Robin,
    So glad you liked my snowmen! I used to sell them at the store, they are easy and fun to make. Love your skates, I have my 25 yr old son's from when he took lessons when we lived in WI and some white ones from yard sales up there. They had the best stuff, lots of skis and sleds for cheap! Your skates look adorable in the wreaths and love the ribbon!

  5. Love your ice skates. You're right, we don't need those much in the south, do we?

    Nice to see your blog.