Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Vintage Marketplace and Blogger Encounters

When we first started blogging it never really occurred to us that we would meet people (in person that is) through our blog.   Going to the Nashville Flea Market certainly helps facilitate such meetings.  Earlier this year we had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca of  Walnut and Vine , who introduced us to her blogging friend Teresa of Our Southern Country Home and Farm.  It has been such fun visiting with them through their blogs, and they so sweetly came back to visit us in October.  This was when we met Theresa of Time Worn Interiors  from Kentucky.  I love how we identify, and often introduce ourselves, by our blog names.  Theresa came by our booth and was chatting with us when she introduced herself as "Time Worn Interiors" and I immediately knew who she was and quite a bit about her! We've met lots of other great people too, who do not have blogs (hint hint Linda), and lovely people who read our blog!

When I first read Theresa's post on The Vintage Market Place, which was going to be a show within the annual Tailgate Music Valley antique show, I got excited to read that it was oriented towards bloggers.  While Pam and I are still in our winter hibernation and aren't prepared to set up as a vendor, we are certainly prepared to go shop and visit!  It is going to be in Hendersonville, TN, a suburb just North of Nashville.  

If anyone is planning to attend the show and would like to meet up, just let us know.  The show is Thursday, February 2 through Saturday, February 4th.  I know Pam and I can be there on Saturday, but may try to get there earlier if possible.  And, Theresa is going to be a vendor there also!  I am certainly looking forward to the shopping. I think I'm going to tuck away some of my Christmas gift money just for this event :)  


  1. I'm planning on going on Thursday and would love to meet ya...this is my first time for the show and I'm looking forward to all the shopping.


  2. Oh I hope we can work something out. I may just need to take a vacation day at work :)

  3. Hey girls! Did you read my post about getting free tickets just for posting about the show! Check it out, then contact Jon and he will hook you girls up!

  4. Hi tot! He actually emailed me earlier by finding me on your blog. Thanks!

  5. Robin & Pam,
    Hope you both are having a wonderful New Years, looking forwared to seeing you guys again at the flea!
    Happy New Years!