Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make Burlap Place Mats - On The Cheap

Making these place mats couldn't be any easier.  I used a burlap sack purchased from my local feed store.  You can usually find these in the spring with the gardening supplies for a dollar or two.  Of course burlap fabric works too.  I simply cut a bag into 4 equal rectangles and pulled a few threads from each side to fray the edges.  You could sew around the edges to prevent further fraying, but since mine aren't going to see much action, I just left them as they were.  I made 6 place mats for less than $2 and in only a few minutes.  You could jazz these up a bit by stenciling numbers or designs on them, which I may do after the holiday rush.


  1. Robin,
    For us non sewers, those are great! Very cute and easy. May have to give it a try! Hope you had a Happy TK!