Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas At Our Houses

I didn't decorate as much this year as I have when my children were younger.  Time just seems to get by faster and faster each year.

I bought this tree at 90% off in January, which made it about $2.  I just stuck it in an old galvanized bucket filled with shredded music pages.

I tried to keep it simple and use a lot of what I had, or was growing around the house.

I found this little gold tree at Goodwill in September.

This sled is also from Goodwill.  I painted it red last year.  The green picture frame was left over from flea market so I just put a few random pieces together.

Pam's trees.


  1. Robin,
    your christmas decorations are lovely! Everything looks great! $2.00 tree, great deal!
    Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday season!
    Merry Christmas

  2. Thank you Rebecca. I hope your family have wonderful holidays too ! :)

  3. Everything looks so pretty, Robin. Christmas has slipped up on me really fast this year. Hubby says it is my age, lol. Anyhoo, Merry Christmas to you two sisters, and your families!

  4. Thanks Teresa. Merry Christmas to you too. If you decide to come to town for the Vintage Market Place/Antique show in Feb., maybe Rebecca can help us round up a group for a blogger get-together.