Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Place Cards and Place Card Holders

Back in the summer I picked up a box of brass hen/chicken place card holders at a yard sale.  I painted them with Rustoleum spray paint in white.  Since there were only 11 of them, and I'm doing 2 tables of 6 settings for Thanksgiving, I decided to alternate them with pine cones to hold place cards.  The extras I am using to hold cards with the names of the dishes served.  At our house, we just line all the food up on the island and let everyone serve themselves buffet style.

I tried doing an online search for free printable place cards, but couldn't find what I wanted.  Instead I just used some images from the clip art on my computer, and inserted a box around it using the "table" function in Word.  I wanted to include a link to these, but I couldn't figure out how to insert it in the post.  When it comes to computers, I am s.l.o.w.     If you'd like a word file, just email me.

I tried something new (to me) to transfer the French script onto these candles.  I'll post about that a little later.


  1. Robin
    Looks so cute! Like that you are using pine cones with the little chickens. Everything looks lovely!
    Happy Thanksgiving!