Sunday, November 6, 2011

Making A Cord Cover For A Lamp - and other things

You all know I can't show the "before" picture first.  This is the "after" with the cord cover I whipped up this afternoon.  You may notice my cow pictures look a little different.  I couldn't find 2 frames that I liked better for the cow pictures, so I came up with this solution.  I painted an old shutter in ASCP Old Ochre and used it to hold the smaller frames.  I like how this anchored them so they don't look like they are floating on the wall.

Okay, this is the before.  Those cords had to go.

I used a scrap of fabric I had on hand.  You'll want a finished cover that is 2 to 3 times the length of your cord.  The width of the finished cover needs to be wide enough to fit your plug.  I cut my fabric strips 6 inches wide and folded in half.  After allowing for a seam, it is almost 3 inches wide.  This is larger than I usually make, but I wanted this one to accommodate several cords.  I actually covered 2 electrical cords and the phone line with this cover.

To get a strip of fabric long enough, you will probably need to sew several strips of fabric, right sides together. 

Please pardon the mess around my sewing machine.  My work room was trashed in the process of getting ready for the flea market and I haven't cleaned to that point yet.

If you are using a print fabric, you'll want to make sure each piece of fabric is turned so the design will be in the same direction.

You don't have to worry about the design being matched exactly because it will be all scrunched together like this.

After you've stitched the smaller strips together to get one long strip, you will want to hem the top and bottom ends.

And for the final step,  fold your long strip of fabric in half, lengthwise and right side together, and stitch down the long side.

The next step is to turn the strip right side out. Now you're finished.  Run your cord through, scrunching as you go. Ta da. No more unsightly cords showing.

I switched out my alarm clock with a vintage style wind up I remembered that I had.  My cord cover is holding the lamp cord, the phone cord, and the phone line.


  1. Great solution! I hate cord showing up behind furniture!

  2. Robin,
    Your cord cover looks great, much better then the cords showing! I really like the cow pics on the shutters, it makes much more of a statment then them on their own!

  3. Great job! This would also be a good solution for all those cords around a desktop computer. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. This is soooo cute.. I am so flattered you choose my cow prints to put on the cute shutters. And I have several cords that need a cover. What a simple and great idea.