Friday, November 18, 2011

Close Encounters Of The Famous Kind - Ramblings of our Friday afternoon

This afternoon I turned into Hillsboro Village, a trendy little shopping/social area in Nashville.  The street is always bumper to bumper traffic.  I noticed this huge white Mercedes van, that I was trying not to hit, as I rounded the corner.  As I got up beside the van, the logo suddenly looked very familiar.  It was the Antique Archaeology van.   Just to confirm my suspicions, I stared into the window to see the driver.  Since we were sitting at a standstill, I quickly texted Pam, who has been in Chicago all week on a business trip.  If you've read some of our summer posts, you know how Pam feels about Mike Wolfe.

Me:  Omg!  Mike Wolfe n his van beside me!
Me:  N hillsboro village.
Me:  Same van from show..

Pam:  OMG!!!
Pam:  I never see anyone!!

Me:  I know!  He wust spnnd lot timew here..

Just for the record, I was not driving and texting. I'm just in desperate need of a phone upgrade.  And some eyeglasses. 

Then we continue our texting into this evening as she is at the airport and telling me her flight, which was already a late flight from O'Hare, is delayed because of a wind advisory.  I'm feeling bad for her as I know she is going to have to spend several hours at the airport, at the least.  But then I get another text from her.

Pam:  Just saw John Oats of Hall and Oats walk by...
Pam:  People I'm traveling with are young... had no idea who I was talking about..
Pam:  He's tiny...carrying his guitar.
Pam:  I'm really feeling old!

Well, I'm older than Pam, so you know how that makes me feel.  And, earlier this week I actually addressed a grocery store employee as "Young Man"...

Like I told a man at the flea market last month, we were sisters before we were vintage!  Alas, we are 2 vintage sisters.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



  1. Mike has a new store down there some where! Not sure where it is at! Maybe you can find out and go there!

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  4. Robin, somehow my comment was all messed up so had to delete! What I said was how cool it was that you guys had "close encounters" with 2 of the coolest guys and if you 2 are "vintage", what does that make me, I actually have Hall and Oats ALBUMS!

  5. Oh Rebecca, I had their album too!