Monday, October 31, 2011

When The Cows Come Home

When the cows come home, it's a beautiful thing.

Last week I was on Etsy and decided to buy myself a little birthday treat.  After seeing all the beautiful cow pictures people are using in their home decorating, I've had a hankering for one myself.

I found these at  These are prints of original paintings, and are on heavy linen paper.  I think I paid $16 for each 8x10.  I LOVE them.  Being the impatient person that I am, I grabbed some frames I had and popped them up on the wall.  I also pulled this table in from the family room to go by my bed.  I plan to paint the table with Annie Sloan Country Grey and find a larger frame for the single cow.  These were in my mailbox this afternoon and I wanted to get an idea of how this area was going to look without waiting to paint.

Okay, I know I broke just about every photography rule in the book with these shadowy pictures.  I promise I'll take better pictures when I get everything painted and finished.

I have glass in these frames but I love how the texture still shows.  The colors are warm and amazing and go great with the creams and browns in my bedroom.  The service and shipping from this etsy seller were    excellent.  I think I will be buying some more prints from her very soon.  I found these by searching "cow prints" under Etsy.

*Edited to add:

I received a sweet email from the artist today.  Here are the links to each picture.  The picture of the 3 cows was actually only $10.  What a bargain!


  1. Robin,
    Those prints are gorgeous, my favorites of all the cow prints I've seen! Glad to hear you guys mostly sold out at the flea! It was really fun, but then I wasn't working! LOL!

  2. Oh I LOVE these cow prints!

    I'm going to link up to that etsy shop to take a look around.

    So glad I stopped in today. Ya know...I'm planning a trip to Nashville sometime in 2012...I'd love to hook up with you guys when I do.

    I have two freinds now that used to live in California and now live in Nashville. I've always wanted to go...

    Hope your week is going well...


  3. Cori, it would be awesome to get together! Let me know when you set a date and we will mark it on our calenders!

  4. These prints are so unique. I love the white frames- really make the browns pop!

  5. Thanks JunkStuffTreasures! I'm lucky I found the artist on Etsy.