Monday, October 24, 2011

More Flea Market Pictures

This was our second space.  We really expanded this time.  In the past we have had one 10x10 space, and this time we had two 10 x 13 spaces.  It was quite a bit more work, but we certainly have no regrets.  It made for much easier staging of our pieces.  We were however having difficulty stringing sentences together by Saturday.  And by Sunday, I know at least 2 people asked me questions for which I gave completely unrelated answers.  My apologies if I did this to any of you.  I realized I was off my game a bit last Wednesday when I had blood drawn, and I was surprised how the woman knew I had been painting. I had already forgotten that my arms were covered in black chalkboard paint.  

All of the burlap bottle bags sold right away.  My intentions are to put a some more on etsy in the next few weeks.  Same plans for the dish towels.  

This was a very large and heavy chest.  We did it in the Annie Sloan Paris Grey, trimmed out in Old White with a clear wax.

I loved this old black drop leaf table.  Very, very old but sturdy.

This is slightly smaller chest that we did in a mix of Annie Sloan Paris Grey and Old White, trimmed in Old White with a clear wax.

I definitely liked the "barn" aspect of our spaces this time.

This was our "star" of the booth.  We picked it up in Alabama and gave it the ASCP Old White treatment and some new glass knobs.

We had a wonderful time as usual and met lots of friendly fun folks.  We sold all but a few pieces.  We are going to post those pieces a little later on the blog in case anyone is interested in purchasing them for local pick up in the Nashville or Murfreesboro area.

Our sincere thanks to everyone that stopped by our booths or this blog!  


  1. Your booth looks wonderful. And, I am in love with the old barn looking fence. Great idea!
    I'm also in love with all those cute little stools, my weakness.


  2. I am not surprised that you sold so much, everything ya'll had was beautiful! Glad I was able to run into the two of you and say hello. We took the "country" roads home and stopped at yard sales and junk stores. It was a beautiful ride home, and I couldn't fit anything else into my truck. We had a great time!

  3. Teresa, thanks so much for stopping by our booths! It was great seeing you again. Lookng forward to seeing pictures and hearing about your new venture :)

  4. Your booth is beautiful, love your color scheme. It's no wonder most of the items sold!