Saturday, October 22, 2011

At The Flea Market This Weekend

Just wanted to post a quick picture of one of our flea market booths.  We've had a busy 2 days, and 1 more to go.  We've had some wonderful visits from bloggers we've met before, bloggers we met for the first time, and blog readers.  And a special shout out to any new readers we met this weekend!   This is a picture of our black and white booth on Friday.  We added a few new pieces today and will posts lots more pictures later of both booths. 

I was a bit surprised at how many people we met from several other states.  If you plan to visit the Nashville Flea Market before the weekend is over, please stop and say hello.  We are in Shed #5, Booths 77 and 78.  This is as the very back of the flea market.

Thanks for stopping by our little blog!



  1. Robin,
    It was fun visiting today, your spaces looked fabulous! You had some great things, Sherry loves her little table!

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you girls! Can't wait to do more visits on the blog!

  3. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to leave my booth in Shed 4 to meet you....I did see your booth in the early morning hours Sunday....hope you get some rest after this weekend...My booth was called "Mel's Designs"...I hand make blog is Mel's Designs from the Cabin.

  4. Rebecca, great to see you and Sherry again! Maybe we can meet up before the next flea market.